Fennel - herbs are all around us…

Fennel - herbs are all around us…

Hello, I’m Dr Sally Moorcroft and I would love to welcome you to my health and wellbeing blog, every week I will share my thoughts and tips on health, nutrition and natural medicine. I have been studying and practising natural medicine for 20 years and I am passionate about using food, herbs and a natural approach at home and with my family, as well as in my clinic, I hope you find some useful tips and I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions for future blogs, and I will see if I can add them to my list!

Fennel - herbs are all around us…..

I have been lucky enough to have some interesting holidays this year and while on my travels I am often looking out for local herbs and traditions, just recently on a wonderful trip to Greece I discovered an abundance of wild fennel growing on our island. Such a striking and majestic plant, and a common weed in Mediterranean countries, it reminded me of when my children were small and how I encouraged them to pick it from the garden if they had a stomach ache. They would love to nibble on the delicious sweet leaves. Fennel is an easy plant to grow in our climate and can be readily found at the garden centre. The leaves are a tasty addition to salads and can be used instead of dill in recipes. They have a delicious sweet and aniseed like flavour and it’s the volatile oils within the plant which relax any spasm in the gut and can reduce pain, colic and wind. For a much stronger medicinal action, we can also use the seeds, which are harvested in Autumn. We can harvest fennel seeds by collecting the dried seed heads and storing them in brown paper bags or it’s also very easy to find fennel tea bags to buy. For a medicinal action, I would always advise taking 3 cups a day of your chosen herbal tea, and in the case of stomach ache, colic, wind, indigestion, bloating or gas; fennel is a great choice. As I sat on the Greek hilltop looking out over a beautiful view of the sea, we nibbled on the wild fennel and it reminded me that herbs really do grow everywhere and whether you have a small window box or a large herb garden, or you are able to wild forage – they are such a simple and helpful addition to our lives. Next week…. Menopausal Mood Swings ….

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