Facial Acupuncture by Dr. Sally Moorcroft

Facial Acupuncture by Dr. Sally Moorcroft

Dr Sally launches brand new Facial Acupuncture treatment at Orchard Barn

Facial Acupuncture by Dr. Sally Moorcroft

Facial acupuncture is a completely natural way of enhancing facial skin health. In addition it has numerous benefits to overall health and wellbeing, as it includes acupoints to stimulate digestion, balance hormones and reduce tension in the body. Effects on the face include toning muscles, reducing wrinkles and scarring, softening fine lines; improving radiance; reducing signs of ageing; boosting collagen; minimising open pores; improving complexion; lifting the face and tightening sagging muscles, including jowls and cheeks.

Lindsay our receptionist has been a Facial Acupuncutre case study, so we asked her how she found it:

“When asked if I wanted to try Facial Acupuncture Dr Sally now offers as a treatment at Orchard Barn I jumped at the chance. I would be lying if I didn’t say the lines arriving on my face with age aren’t bothering me (they are)! But going down a non-holistic route isn’t one I want to take. The treatment takes place in one of the lovely therapy rooms, and starts with Dr Sally inserting a needle into each hand, foot and leg; this helps with digestion, hormone imbalance and general wellbeing. She then moves on to inserting the needles into the face which sounds really unpleasant but I have to say I didn’t find the experience too painful at all. When she has finished inserting the needles Dr Sally will leave you to relax while the needles work their magic. I am now three treatments in and really happy with the results it is achieving. Also I feel my face looks fresh and it is definitely making a difference to those lines so much so it is something I will be having more of in the future. I feel really energised after the treatment and confident in myself which I feel is also an added bonus.” During the Treatment Dr. Sally uses Dr. Katerina Steventons 4 Anti-Aging Serum and the Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Day cream.

Dr. Sally Moorcroft - MBChB, BSc(Hons), MFHom(Med), MNIMH:

Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Medical Acupuncture, Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy. Dr Sally Moorcroft is the clinical lead, she is a qualified doctor and medical herbalist who has additional training in homeopathy and medical acupuncture, nutrition, aromatherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr Moorcroft has 20 years of medical experience beginning her career in the NHS before training in a range of Integrative Medicine specialities. Dr Moorcroft understands the complex nature of health and wellbeing and the importance of individual choice in maximising recovery and reaching potential. Initial Appointment- £85 (90 mins) Follow Up Appointment - £80 Course of 10 - £750 Call to book Appointment on: 01472 884834

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