Gallinée Skincare Introduction

Gallinée Skincare Introduction

Recently I attended the Natural & Organic Show in London, I listened to a lot of seminars but one stood out to me and that was presented by Marie Drago the founder of Gallinee Skincare. Her passion and excitement for balancing skin bacteria was so clear and it all made sense to me. A lot of skincare products do strip all the bacteria good and bad and this along with what is happening inside to our good bacteria is what is leading to more and more of the skin problems we see, Gallinee aims to balance PH levels with probiotics (good bacteria) and prebiotic (food for good bacteria). From watching the evidence presented I decided immediately this was a product that we should make available in our onsite Natural Pharmacy. Since stocking it some staff and family members have been trying out the products and so we thought it useful to share these independent and honest 5* reviews. Pop in the shop to find out more or visit our online shop.

Gallinee Skincare review:

Emily (Social Media & Marketing Assistant): “I have been using the Gallinee moisturiser now for around two weeks and already I have noticed a huge improvement in my skin tone and how healthy my skin is looking. I have very dry skin and had some red pigmentation on my cheeks and this product began to clear this up within the first few days of using it. Additionally to this my skin has been feeling not dry at all and is starting to have more life and a glow to it. This moisturiser works really well under makeup and I find it sinks into your skin super fast so there isn’t any greasy residue left to lie on top of your skin. And a bonus to it is that it smells super lovely without any unnatural fragrances!” Connaire (Student & Dr. Sally's son): “The Gallinee Scrub and face mask is an amazing product. I always put it on about half an hour before I go into the shower and I have noticed that compared to other products I used in the past, it’s significantly more effective at doing its job. Since I’ve been using it my skin has been virtually perfect, so much so that my friends have commented on it as well. I would definitely recommend this product as its certainly the best scrub I have used and beats other alternatives I have tried that are just not as effective.” Alison (Nutritional Advisor): "I've been using the Gallinee foaming face wash for a while now. I use it twice a day and it's just wonderful. It is so easy to use and makes my face feel so soft and refreshed. I love the texture and it's very gentle on my skin."

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