Emma's Post on Gratitude

Emma's Post on Gratitude

Emma's Post on Gratitude: A few years ago I decided rather than just reading my daughter a story at bedtime I would have a conversation with her about gratitude, she was four at the time. I ask her “what are you grateful for today Willow” I started by giving her an example of what I felt grateful for that day from the food I’d eaten, to the wonderful friends I have and lots of simple every day things that can easily be taken for granted in our busy lives, her reply was so touching she told me how she felt grateful for having a lovely family and so much more. I recommend all parents to try this as it’s a lovely bonding session at bedtime and is a reminder to ourselves what’s important, being and feeling grateful is so humbling and what a thing to be able to teach our children. by Emma Bailey (Therapist)

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