Green Smoothie

The Best Green Juice

The Best Green Juice

Just about as energising as a cup of coffee but with none of the letdown, green juice is an incredibly healthy, invigorating way to start your day. As well as being delicious and super easy when you need a little pick-me-up.

The Best Green Juice- Key ingredients and their benefits for a healthy diet: Spinach- spinach has a lot of vitamin A which keeps skin-cell turnover frequent making your complexion glowy. It also regenerates vitamin C for extended antioxidant power, this fantastic green contains compounds that protect the lining of the digestive tract from inflammation and I bursting with beauty minerals such as iron, magnesium and vitamin K, this is especially beneficial when eaten with something rich in vitamin C like lemon as this boosts the absorption of the vitamins found in spinach. Apple- apples are the perfect detox fruit; they contain anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Lime - High in vitamin C, which is important for a healthy metabolism. Lemon -lemons are full of collagen-building vitamin C but they are also rich in immune-boosting bioflavonoid. Bioflavonoid is known for supporting capillary strength and for increasing absorption of vitamin C as well as boosting lymph flow and strengthens blood vessels. Lemons are liver-loving beauty foods with astringent properties that clean out our digestive tract, cleanse the blood and also have a laxative effect, helping you to maintain a flat belly all day. Ginger - Is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can aid in digestion, and is great for boosting your immune system. Mint - Helps to ease indigestion and promotes detox.


A good handful of spinach Either a lemon or a lime, pealed. 1 large apple, roughly chopped 1 pear, roughly chopped A 2.5cm of fresh ginger 1 spring of mint
Push all the ingredients through your juicer, alternatively, you can chop all the ingredients and pop them into a powerful blender with 120ml of water then pass the mixture through a fine-mesh strainer and drink immediately.

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