The perfect breakfast or easy quick supper...

Whisk up your eggs (2 per person) in a bowl with a couple of grinds of black pepper and a pinch of sea salt.  A very small slug of luke warm water helps get the eggs frothy.  Or if you have a smoothie blender you can also use that to get it frothy.  That way you can also add sneaky micronutrients to the mix for extra nutritional benefits (think a few cooked lentils with garam masala or harissa paste).

Prepare your other ingredients.  If you are adding vegetables you might want to cook them up a little before adding to the omelette.

If you are adding chopped herbs, then you can add them to the egg mixture before you cook it (I imagine this is where Dr Seuss’ ‘green eggs and ham’ came from, or at least I always made it an adventure for my kids to have green eggs for breakfast when they were young and still under my influence.  In reality it was frozen spinach, warmed and added to the eggs before I cooked them, and then the whole omelette was green in colour.   Delicious with a grind of fresh nutmeg. Kids who came to stay were wide-eyed at the radical breakfast offering, but most of them ate it all up.

Heat up a frying pan. Ideally use a heavy cast iron pan rather than a coated non-stick frying pan as this avoids getting unnecessary chemicals into your food.

Add a good knob of butter and let it start to sizzle.  Run the butter around the pan so the surface is nicely coated and pop the pan back on the heat.

Pour in the (herby) eggs and leave for 20 seconds to take on a bit of form.  Using a spatula, scrape the egg away from the edges of the pan into the middle and then pick up the pan and pour the still liquid egg over the exposed areas.  Do this a couple more times to get a bit of thickness to your omelette.  Then leave it to cook for a minute or two before adding any extra ingredients to the fluffy top surface.

With a deft twist of the spatula you can fold the omelette in half and leave it to cook for another minute or two.  If you have a grill, you could also pop the pan under there to warm and cook the omelette’s top surface.

Once cooked, slide out onto a warm plate and enjoy, perhaps with a scattering of more fresh chopped herbs, wild rocket, micro-sprouts or spring onion.

Other delicious omelette fillings:

Grated cheddar cheese

Fresh chopped dill, mint, tarragon and basil

Leek, mushroom, tarragon or dill and a tsp of mustard

Asparagus, courgette, pesto, lemon zest

Fried potatoes, peppers, parsley and smoked paprika

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