Thai Compress

Thai Compress Massage - New Treatment

Thai Compress Massage - New Treatment

We are delighted to now be offering this amazing relaxing treatment at Orchard Barn. The hot herbal compress contains numerous herbs tightly bound in fabric which is steamed until piping hot and firmly rolled. It is used on pressure points, the hot herbal compress is pressed or pounded over the entire body in order to soothe muscle and stimulate the vital organs and senses and aid detoxification. It can provide relief from general muscular aches, pains and tension, improve and stimulates the lymphatic system, and increases blood flow and circulation.

We asked one of our clients about their Thai Compress Massage:

Why did you book for the Thai Compress massage? I have had a problem with my right shoulder. Have you had other massages before? Yes I have had Swedish, aromatherapy and lava shell. I prefer heat as I feel it helps soothe the muscular pain better in my shoulder. How did you find the Thai compress massage? I found it very relaxing, my favourite massage to date. It smells gorgeous with a herbal calming smell. The herbs are also very warm and soothing. The compress was used initially and the area was then massaged by the therapist's hands with the Orchard Barn own oils. The compresses felt softer than the lava shell, so it was better for the more tender areas. Will you book again? Yes, I am having another this week! Any other comments? Joanne was amazing, I felt totally relaxed and I also got to take the compresses home to put in my bath at night, they last for about a week. I would pick the Thai massage over any other massage and I would recommend it to anyone. The pain in my shoulder has eased a lot since this massage.

Thai Compress Back Massage 45mins: £40 Thai Compress Full Body Massage 60mins: £50 Call to book on: 01472 884834 or book online Here.

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