The Amazing Results of Bowen Therapy

The Amazing Results of Bowen Therapy

The Amazing Results of Bowen Therapy

 It still amazes me when people tell me they have not heard of Bowen Therapy and its wonderful benefits, yet it has been around since the sixties created by a wonderful Austrian man called Thomas Bowen, Thomas helped so many people including children and animals with this technique, he opened a free clinic for children with disabilities helping to improve their quality of life, he was known for attending the Geelong football clubs to help with footballers injuries and would oftenoffer many treatments for free.  He made a difference to so many lives hence more people are training in the Therapy like Physio Therapists, Nurses and Holistic Therapists because of the amazing results.


Currently there are many Bowen Therapists taking part in Long Covid Case Studies treating people suffering the effects of long covid and receiving positive results.   Bowen Therapy has been successful in helping people with chronic fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia, many symptoms like Long Covid.    Bowen Therapy uses gentle movement over connective tissue (fascia) around various points around the body, it has many benefits working with the autonomic nervous system and supporting the body’s own healingsystems helping the body get back to rest and digest.   It can be beneficial for Frozen Shoulder, Jaw imbalances, back pain, sciatica, knee, hip and ankle problems, tennis and golfers’elbow, stress and anxiety, asthma and much more treating people as a whole rather than just treating conditions.  I have seen so many clients have physical pain that started from trauma or stress which is another reason for my love of Bowen is we are not treating individual conditions we are looking at bringing balance back to the whole self as pain can also be referred from another area in the body for instance a jaw that sits out of alignment can unbalance the whole bodies posture,  that’s why I always give a thorough consultation in the first treatment.  

I myself as a Bowen Therapist have found the therapy to be truly rewarding as I have helped many clients get back to what they enjoy doing pain free, I have myself experienced debilitating back pain and after receiving regular Bowen what a difference it has made.   It also has fascinating results in injury prevention and recovery that I have current clients that use the Therapy for recovery from their physical activities by having a treatment once every 6 weeks, one of my clients has reported that he can bike longer distances and doesn’t suffer the aches and pains anymore after exercise, he initially came to me a year ago with lower back pain and couldn’t do anything,  he was very sceptical about the Therapy but had been recommended by a former client to try it,  a year later he still comes for 6 weekly appointments and is blown away by it.   I had another client who was unable to lift her shoulder up past her ears for many years yet immediately after I carried out the shoulder procedure, she was able to lift her arm up, she was so blown away she referred to Bowen as magic.  

I am currently training In Canine Bowen which has been extremely fascinating specially as so many dogs are suffering with separation anxiety after the pandemic with the changes of owners returning to work, I have seen interesting positivechanges in my Canine Bowen case histories.     This morning I had a client who said she tells everyone about the Therapy because it was the only thing that helped her shoulder pain that she’d been suffering with for years, I feel extremely grateful for Bowen and the wonderful man that brought us this amazing technique.

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