The Dr Hauschka Treatment Not Just a Facial by Emma Bailey

The Dr Hauschka Treatment Not Just a Facial by Emma Bailey

The Dr Hauschka Treatment Not Just a Facial by Emma Bailey

I am very honoured to work with this wonderful brand founded by Dr Rudolf Hauschka almost 50 years ago, he liked to do things differently and he developed a way of using the rhythms of nature to preserve plant extracts rather than using alcohol as a preservative.  Dr Hauschka even have their own medicinal herb garden and will handpick herbs early in the morning when they are at their full strength.  

The brand is 100 percent natural, and the concept is to allow the skin to breath by supporting the skin rhythms as just as nature and the change in seasons our skin changes with them so the products help to support, strengthen, revitalize and help regenerate the skin.    The skin goes through different processes throughout the day as it works in rhythms, the night products do not contain oil as the skin regenerates better at night when able to breath, all the products support each other and work to bring the skin back into balance and harmony.  If we strip the skin using harsh products, we also take away its protective hydro lipid barrier, over time this can cause dryness and aging skin, Dr Hauschka helps to activate the skins own healing and regenerating.    I love their ethos and respect for nature and how the products contain extracts from plants that were grown on our mother earth.  

During a treatment not only do I get to see how the skin changes, but I also get to witness the change in my client’s whole being, how they glow from the inside out as they have just experienced two hours of a rhythmical ritual head to toe relaxation treatment.     Every client that has had this treatment also reports that people have commented on their skin and how well they look.  

All the treatments offered start with a warming sage foot bath grounding the client using a therapeutic bath essence, all the oils used in the treatments have therapeutic benefits that are chosen for the individual need of my clients.    The treatment contains two beautiful masks with therapeutic steaming, lymphatic body work and our unique lymphatic brush technique, beautiful warmth muslins are used throughout with aromatic smells working with the senses.    

Dr Hauschka believe if you spend one week using their unique cleansing routine you will see a difference in your skin and I would totally agree, it isn’t a chore either I find using their technique like a bedtime ritual and enjoy the process and how it harmonises my senses.   If you are struggling with unbalanced skin Rosacea, Acne, dryness or just would like a unique treatment experience this would be my go-to every time and would be a beautiful gift idea for Mother’s Day.      


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