Our Story

Our Vision

To be a national centre of excellence for Integrated, Functional and Lifestyle Medicine, making expert and professional advice and treatment available and accessible. To support changing individuals’ lives by optimising their physical and emotional health through our clinic and high quality, trusted brand of over the counter herbal products.To create healthy communities that reduce our environmental and carbon footprint, encourage sustainability and connect us with our food and farming heritage.

The roots of the business stem from sisters Helen Quirke and Dr Sally Moorcroft who grew up on a Lincolnshire farm, harvesting their own vegetables and having home cooking embedded into their family life. they formed a passion for healthy living from a young age.

Dr Sally Moorcroft

After extensive travel around the world gaining an insight into different cultures, food and medical systems, Sally developed a keen interest in nutrition, holistic and preventative medicine.

Sally trained as a medical doctor, later leaving the NHS in 2002 in order to widen her knowledge in the fields of integrative and functional medicine. She holds a BSc (Hons) in Herbal Medicine, MFHom (Medical Homeopathy), has training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical Acupuncture, Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy and Natural Dessicated Thyroid Therapy from the Marion Gluck Clinic, London. Sally is passionate about using a personalised, holistic and root cause approach. She is a graduate of the AFMCP (Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice) and is currently working on IFM certification.

GMC Registered with membership of the Institute of Functional Medicine, College of Phytotherapy, College of Medicine, British Menopause Society and Faculty of Homeopathy.

Helen Quirke

In 2016, Sally joined forces with sister Helen. After studying Business and Economics at University Helen moved to London where she gained extensive comprehensive business development experience alongside her full Financial Planning Certification, in 2013 she moved to North Norfolk to raise her family. The sisters worked together to set up Northern Centre of Integrative and Functional Medicine in June 2016 and the centre has grown to a nationally recognised centre of Integrative, Functional and Lifestyle Medicine, with ethical and sustainable practices at the heart of their business.

Dr Sally Botanicals

In 2021, Helen and Sally launched Dr Sally’s Botanicals; their very own range of teas, tonics and creams focused on Women’s Health, Wellness, Lifestyle and Herbal remedies. All the products are organic and sourced from local, fair trade or ethically produced suppliers.

Chapel Yard Organics

Chapel Yard Organics is the flagship store for the Dr Sally’s Botanicals brand, alongside their own range of herbal wellness formulations, Chapel Yard Organics offer high quality, professional grade food supplements and products to support your health and wellbeing.

Photos of Orchard Barn before and during restoration

Based on the family farm, Orchard Barn Health is run by sisters Dr. Sally Moorcroft & Helen Quirke

The building

The Barn dates back over 200 years and includes ship beams from the local ship yard in Immingham. Used on the farm as an agricultural building, the barn looked very different when the two sisters were growing up, but has always had a very calming atmosphere. The barn has undergone careful restoration, taking care to retain all the original features.

The roots of the business

Growing up on a farm, harvesting their own vegetables and with home cooking embedded in family life, Sally and Helen have always been passionate about the importance of unprocessed, healthy food as the basis for a healthy life. After extensive travel Sally was introduced to many other cultures, foods and medical systems. This brought awareness of different traditions from around the world, and she developed a deep interest in nutrition, holistic and preventative medicine as she progressed through her medical and clinical training. She left the NHS in 2002 to pursue this, spending the next 15 years training and studying with experts in the fields of integrative and functional medicine all across the UK, while building up a busy and successful private practice. With a lifelong dream to have a clinic offering all services under one roof and in building a team of expert practitioners.

In 2016 Sally joined forces with sister Helen. Having studied a degree in Business and Economics, Helen worked in the city of London for over 12 years. Working with SME's within Finance to build and develop the businesses, she then went on to work within project management with a range of clients from a fitness expert to IT integration. The two sisters, with support from the whole family, have worked together to create a unique service, with care and compassion for their patients and customers at the heart of everything they do


Functional, holistic and nutritional medicine are the foundations of the Orchard Barn Health ethos. Within the practice nutritional intervention is very often found as the most effective therapeutic strategy and we will always begin a treatment plan with focusing on optimising digestion and gut function and addressing diet and lifestyle. We find many patients overwhelmed with conflicting advice in the media and very keen to learn about how they can take some responsibility and control for their health. ‘


From a small team back in 2016, Orchard Barn Health has grown to a nationally recognised centre of Integrative, Functional and Lifestyle Medicine with patients across the UK and Europe. With strong links to the National Centre of Integrative Medicine in Bristol we are one of the leading clinics in the North of England.

In 2021 we launched our own brand of herbal medicine products, Dr Sally's Botanicals offering high quality, medicinal grade and ethical sourced herbal teas and tonics. Winning the Great Big Small Awards Family Business in 2021 we have stayed true to our family ethos and employ 3 generations within our centre; and work hard to support our local community launching our monthly Farmers and Artisan Market to support local food, farming and creative producers.

With a strong connection to our heritage and the land, at Orchard Barn Health we strive to make the business both ethical and environmentally sustainable. We are a Living Wage Employer and source from local suppliers and fair-trade or ethically produced whenever possible. All the products used in our treatments and sold in our shop are cruelty free, natural and organic wherever possible. Ecological cleaning products are used throughout the centre and biodegradable packaging is being sourced for our products, gradually replacing all plastic in the centre. Energy is supplied by Good Energy, from all renewable sources and Orchard Barn Health is signed up to Ecologi, a climate positive charity oversetting carbon emissions by tree planting.

Photos of Orchard Barn Health now

The County

With our keen interest in food and nutrition we are in the perfect county. In fact Lincolnshire produces one eighth of the UK's food and processes 70% of its fish. With many artisan foods available directly from the farms. For more information about the wonderful farms and food producers in the area click on the link below or visit our monthly Farmers and Artisan Market.


Family Business Award 2021



We believe in ethical business and being a positive benefit to our local community. With strong moral principles, we avoid activities or organizations that do harm to people or the environment. We have a strong commitment to provide a healthy working environment for our staff, be inclusive and highly value staff and environmental welfare. We commit to paying the Real Living Wage, limit our carbon footprint and use Fairtrade and Organic wherever possible.

    Highly Professional

Specialist knowledge, insight and experience alongside lifelong learning and continuous professional and personal development underpins our commitment to delivering uncompromising quality and being experts in our fields. Deeply passionate about upholding our values, we care about supporting all our patients and customers to access highly expert and professional treatment and services. We have a caring service mindset and are highly committed to positive and supportive teamwork.


We work hard to continuously improve the quality of our services and products. We aim to deliver the most effective and evidence based approaches we can, minimising waste and driven by an ethical and environment ethos to reduce our footprint and resources used. We challenge each other to ensure we make decisions and take actions that create value for our business, our patients and our customers.


We genuinely understand and care about the challenges our patients and customers face and always strive to help and support them on their individual health journey, with an aim for them all to reach their optimum and personal best. We are inclusive and treat all people and the planet with respect. We are open and honest with each other while ensuring we take an empathetic and supportive approach.


We uphold high values within our business of honesty and ensure all staff take responsibility for their actions, and act in a fully professional manner at all times.



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