Herbal Medicine

Suitable for all ages, Herbal Medicine is gentle and effective for many situations, especially in supporting immune health and maintaining wellness and wellbeing.


Jules is part of Dr. Sally Moorcroft's team, with a first class degree in Herbal Medicine from Lincoln University in 2011, she is registered with the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.  Herbal Medicine is suitable for people of any age, including children, and provides a safe and effective treatment option for many health problems. 


Herbal Medicine can help a number of conditions including: recurrent infections and poor immune health. Digestive discomfort, bowel issues and constipation. Anxiety, motivation, depression, stress, burn out and poor sleep.  Brain fog, attention issues and alertness.  


It can also be used prophylactically to maintain wellbeing with a huge diversity of plant medicines to support each organ system - heart, lungs, nervous system, liver etc.  


Nutrition and lifestyle will also be considered as part of your herbal treatment. Price includes your consultation and a recommended treatment plan, it does not include the medicine or supplements recommended.