Herbal Medicine

Suitable for all ages, Herbal Medicine is gentle and effective for many acute and chronic conditions, especially in supporting immune health and maintaining wellness and wellbeing.

Herbal Medicine is suitable for people of any age, including children, and provides a safe and effective treatment option for many health problems. Herbal Medicine can help a number of conditions including: Anxiety and Depression; Recurrent infections and poor immune health. Digestive disorders, Heartburn, Indigestion and IBS. Stress, Burn-out and Sleep problems. Hormone imbalance, Enhancing Fertility and Skin problems. 

It can also be used preventatively to maintain wellbeing with a huge diversity of plant medicines to support each organ system - heart, lungs, immune system, nervous system, liver and digestion.

The appointment is 40 minutes long, Kate will create your herbal medicine prescription or review your last prescription alongside your latest medical details.  The appointment cost does not include the herbal medicine but the price will be confirmed by the dispensary who will create your tailored medicine and send it out to you upon receipt of payment. 


Herbal Medicine Review £70
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About Kate Knapik

Kate’s experience and training is extensive and encompasses the following: 

2 years of botanical science, phototherapy and herbal treatment as a part of University studies in pharmacology 

3 years of independent herbal studies with best Polish Herbalist dr Henryk Rozanski and other professors:


Herbal medicine and herbal commodity science

Biological therapies and homeopathy

training in herbal medicine in the time of war and scarcity.   

Kate is currently studying herbal prescriptions for medicines and cosmetics.