Practitioner Educational and Mentoring Programmes - Coming Soon !

Having run a thriving clinical practice for 20 years and directed and co-founded the Northern Centre for Integrative and Functional Medicine, alongside years of teaching and mentoring experience I am delighted to welcome you to my practitioner educational and mentoring programmes run in collaboration with our team of experts.


I am passionate about teaching and have always loved sharing my experience and expertise. From teaching medical students back in 2006; to mentoring newly qualified herbalists; clinical supervisor and lecturer on the BSc Herbal Medicine and more recently modular lead and core tutor on the Master’s Level Diploma in Integrative Healthcare at the National Centre of Integrative Medicine (NCIM), I love supporting practitioners to gain confidence and help them to find their niche and thrive.


Alongside practitioner educational webinars, masterclasses and group mentoring programmes we also offer 1-1 mentoring for doctors who are just starting their journey into the fascinating field of Integrative and Functional Medicine, and nutritional therapists who need support with complex cases.


Nathalie Gudgeon is our expert nutritional therapist who joins me to deliver our nutritional therapy content and has over a decade of clinical experience. She is passionate about supporting practitioners and helping them to gain confidence in their practice.


Dr Sally

Webinars and Masterclasses

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Online Webinars with Dr Sally:

  • Managing Complex Cases with Confidence : An Integrative and Functional Approach to managing Endometriosis
  • Using Herbal Medicine in Women's Health

Practitioner 1-1 Support

1-1 Mentoring for GPs, medical students and doctors transitioning into Functional and Integrative Medicine


1-1 Mentoring for Nutritional therapists for support with complex and difficult cases

Group Mentoring Programme

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A 10 part programme designed to support practitioners beginning their Functional Medicine journey.

In collaboration with experts in their field this programme will give you the skills and confidence to put your passion into practice.. join us for an empowering and insightful group programme.

1-1 Practitioner Mentoring with Dr Sally Moorcroft

'As someone who is transitioning between working as a GP to working as a functional medicine doctor, having Sally as a mentor has been invaluable. Being able to discuss cases, get advice on different approaches and understanding how to navigate the vast array of supplements is helping me support my clients much better. It is giving me confidence in starting up a fledgling business.'

SP, GP and Functional Medicine doctor

Support setting up your Integrative or Functional Medicine practice or clinic

Expert help with cases and support with complex and challenging patient needs

Support with understanding and moving into the different paradigm that working in Integrative and Functional Medicine brings, and shifting into a more holistic practice

20 years of experience in this field to benefit your practice and patients


I am passionate about supporting the growth of Integrative and Functional Medicine and the benefits it can bring to your patients, your selfcare and the satisfaction and love you have for your work.

With nearly 20 years experience in this field, I have co-founded a thriving centre and practice from a small treatment room in my parent’s house to a nationally recognized award-winning clinic. This has taken consistent hard work and training, seeking out experts in their fields to gain mentorships, listening to my patients’ feedback and needs and developing a truly integrative healthcare practice. I started forging a path in Integrative Medicine when it was unheard of and a difficult and lonely journey, I hope my learning and knowledge can support you to make your journey easier. To enable you to support your patients and showcase how effective and powerful this approach can be at a time when it is so greatly needed.      

Dr Sally



Colleague Feedback; GMC Appraisal Oct 21

Sally’s dedication to her patient’s health and the practice she has developed since qualifying is inspiring. She has unwavering zeal when it comes to upholding her values and vision in helping people access natural healthcare and helping her patients take charge of their own health and well-being.’

‘An inspirational practitioner with an excellent knowledge, professional, caring and with integrity’.

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1-1 Nutritional Practitioner Mentoring with Nathalie Gudgeon

Do you need help and support with complex clinical cases?

Are you just starting out in practice and need professional mentoring to build your confidence?

Do you need support setting up your functional nutrition practice or clinic ?


I know that working alone as a nutritional practitioner can be challenging and lonely. With 13 years of clinical experience I am passionate about supporting and mentoring new practitioners in order for them to thrive and feel confident.


I have wide experience of practitioner training and mentoring within a busy functional and integrative medicine clinic.

My special interest is in women's health and managing complex hormonal conditions, Nutrigenomics and digestive health

Nathalie is our nutritional clinical lead, mentoring and training all our new practitioners. Working closely with Dr Sally Moorcroft they have created a solid team, running a thriving and sucessful clinic supporting hundreds of patients. It is from this relationship that the foundations of our mentoring courses have emerged - to help other doctors and functional medicine practitioners to thrive and build confidence in their practices and clinics.


Nathalie graduated with a BSc in Nutritional Medicine from the University of West London and also has a BSc (Hons) in Psychology. She has over 13 years of clinical experience working 1-1 with patients and in the wider community within schools, spas, and corporate settings. Training with IFM she has a strong practical understanding of the functional medicine approach, and her clinical practice is highly evidence based and effective. Nathalie's strengths lie in understanding her patients, the complexities of their lives and she is excellent at supporting them find a way to make sustainable changes.  

She is an experienced and competent Nutrigenetic counsellor (NgC) and has a broad range of experience from children's nutrition, gut and immune imbalances, hormone health and metabolic health. With experience in developing menus and recipes; she regularly contributes to magazines and radio; and runs her own food blog - Nutritiously Natty. She enjoys recipe development and food photography.

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