Mentoring with Dr Sally Moorcroft

'As someone who is transitioning between working as a GP to working as a functional medicine doctor, having Sally as a mentor has been invaluable. Being able to discuss cases, get advice on different approaches and understanding how to navigate the vast array of supplements is helping me support my clients much better. It is giving me confidence in starting up a fledgling business.'

SP, GP and Functional Medicine doctor

Would you like support in setting up your Integrative or Functional Medicine practice or clinic?

Do you need expert help with cases or a mentor to support you with complex and challenging patient needs?

Do you need support with understanding and moving into the different paradigm that working in Integrative and Functional Medicine brings, and how to shift into a more holistic practice?

Would you like to gain from my 20 years of experience in this field to benefit your practice and patients?

I would love to offer my mentoring services to support you on your journey into this fascinating and wonderful field of medicine.

I am passionate about supporting the growth of Integrative and Functional Medicine and the benefits it can bring to your patients, your selfcare and the satisfaction and love you have for your work.

With nearly 20 years experience in this field, I have co-founded a thriving centre and practice from a small treatment room in my parent’s house to a nationally recognized award-winning clinic. This has taken consistent hard work and training, seeking out experts in their fields to gain mentorships, listening to my patients’ feedback and needs and developing a truly integrative healthcare practice. I started forging a path in Integrative Medicine when it was unheard of and a difficult and lonely journey, I hope my learning and knowledge can support you to make your journey easier. To enable you to support your patients and showcase how effective and powerful the IM approach can be at a time when it is so greatly needed for creating a sustainable healthcare system for the future.

Dr. Sally Moorcroft is a highly qualified medical doctor with 20 years of clinical experience, specialising in functional and integrative medicine. One of the most highly trained Integrative Medicine doctors in the UK, she is also a Core Tutor at the National Centre of Integrated Medicine in Bristol.

Combining functional and nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy and bio-identical hormone therapy in her clinic. She has a special interest in women's health, menopause, gut health and psychology.

Colleague Feedback; GMC Appraisal Oct 21

‘Sally’s dedication to her patient’s health and the practice she has developed since qualifying is inspiring. She has unwavering zeal when it comes to upholding her values and vision in helping people access natural healthcare and helping her patients take charge of their own health and well-being.’

‘An inspirational practitioner with an excellent knowledge, professional, caring and with integrity’.

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