Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching

Suitable for all ages, Wellness Coaching offers support in reaching your wellness and wellbeing goals.

Rebecca works as part of the multi disciplinary team at Orchard Barn Health, she has a background in Nursing and Yoga Therapy.

With this education and broad life experience in the background, Rebecca's approach is truly holistic, which means she considers everything in your life as interconnected with you at the centre orchestrating it.   To make a lasting transformation, she will help guide you to consider your body, but also your mind and spirit too. Looking at all lifestyle factors, Wellness coaching is particularly focused on improving your sleep, nutrition, stress management, breathing and movement.

It might be that at the moment you just want help to step onto a path of optimising your wellness, to sort through the conflicting information and options available to you so that you can choose an approach that feels right for you.  Or you might want help to develop a stepped plan to achieving your wellness goals with support along the way, keeping you motivated and accountable. Using a tailored and personalised approach Rebecca is able to help you to set and achieve your goals and can advise on nutrition, yoga, breathing and meditation practices and lifestyle changes. As part of Dr Sally's team she can also discuss your needs with our other expert practitioners gaining further advice and expertise and supporting you in accessing further services if required.

The price includes your consultation and a recommended plan, it does not include any activities or supplements which may be recommended as part of that plan.

Initial Appointment £70, Follow Up £50.





Rebecca Somerscales

Rebecca is a practising and qualified nurse who supports Dr. Sally with her clinics. She has many years of study, personal practice and a therapeutic approach to help guide you in a friendly and accessible way. She is skilled at supporting with a holistic approach using both her background in Nursing and her extensive Holistic studies to help guide you on a path to optimise wellness. She is a fully trained Yoga therapist and is currently studying Ayurvedic medicine.

Rebecca also runs our phlebotomy clinic.